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exclusive 7 day enduro tour


Iceland: exclusive 7 day enduro tour ★★★★★

Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable Iceland offroad adventure?

After a quick and comfortable journey by plane, you will explore the wild and untamed terrain on a most recent Husqvarna FE 4-stroke enduro bike.

For five long days you will discover the rough, volcanic landscape and manage countless river crossings - miles away from the next habitation, houses or roads.

This exclusive dirtbike tour is the most intense way to discover the unique and pristine Iceland.

  • Off-road tracks far off the main routes

  • All-round service with top guides and baggage transfer

  • Perfect organization and service vehicle

  • The only operator of sportenduro tours in Iceland

7 Days Iceland Enduro Tour, latest Husqvarna bike and all meals included.

€3,990 per person

Early booking discount 2020:
only € 3.490 if you book before Dec. 20th 2019, after it will be € 3.990.

 Be part of the adventure: 

Important Advice:

Due to limited capacity, it is suggested that
bookings be made as early as possible.





DAY 1- Arrival

You will be pickup at Reykjavik Airport and transfered to the hotel in Reykjavik where we stay overnight. Dinner together.

DAY 2- Reykjavik

Our 7 day journey with 5 offroad days begins on the next day after you landed in Reykjavik, where we will do some sightseeing before setting off along the river to Lake Pingvellir. We’ll dine on a barbeque lunch and then head across the vast landscape of volcanic sand to the world famous Geysir.

Track Length: 180 KM, approx 8 hours.


This is the longest day of the trip. We will pass countless rivers until we reach the National Resort of Kertlingjaföll. You’ll marvel at the stunning Gulfos Waterfall and ride for 10 km along a stunning glacier in the center of Iceland.

On this day we don’t have a service car, so we will carry our lunch and extra gas with us. When we reach our destination, we’ll enjoy a dinner of barbequed leg of lamb in the fresh air.

Track Length: 200 KM, approx 9 hours.



Today we will pass the stunning peak of the Volcano Hekla, located 1,200 m above sea level. We will ride through a fascinating barren landscape of undulating lava fields in the National Park. At the end of the day, soothe your tired muscles in a geothermally heated river.

We will stop for a BBQ lunch and enjoy a hearty meal of salmon and spaghetti for dinner.

Track Length: 110 KM, approx 8 hours.


Today we will arrive at Mt. Hekla, one of the most impressive natural wonders in Iceland. We will gaze at the thundering waters of the Haifoss waterfall and ride along perfect tracks (F-Tracks) to the river Hvita.

Today’s lunch is delicious burgers from the BBQ.

Track Length: 160 KM, approx 8 hours.


Today we will ride along the perfect MTB and hiking trail on our way back to Reykjavik. We will stop for lunch along the track, then arrive back into the capital city to end our tour. You’ll return with a smile on your face and many great stories to tell of your Iceland adventure.

Track Length: 170 KM, approx 8 hours.

DAY 7- Departure

You will be picked up at the hotel in Reykjavik and transfered to Reykjavik Airport.



17-23 August 2019

24-30 August 2019

31 August - 6 September 2019

7-13 September 2019

Ask for the tour dates 2020

The package includes:

  • Airport pickup and transfer

  • 7 day tour from Saturday to Friday

  • 5 guided riding days

  • 6 overnight stays (shared rooms)

  • 6 breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • 5 day motorbike rental incl. fuel

  • Tour Manager for the entire duration

  • Luggage transport

  • Service car with spare parts and bike

  • Enduro Jerseys and cap from DAVDEV9 featuring the Iceland Enduro logo

7 Day Iceland Enduro Tour, latest Husqvarna bike, fuel and all meals included.

€3.990 per person

Early booking discount 2020:
only € 3.490 if you book before Dec. 20th 2019, after it will be € 3.990

 Be part of the adventure: 

Important Advice:

Due to limited capacity, it is suggested that
bookings be made as early as possible.



How to Get to Iceland? 

Your best option is IcelandAir, they offer connections from all over the world and excellent service. Iceland is approximately a 3 hour flight from Europe and a 5 hour flight from the USA. When you book your flight, let them know you are embarking on this tour. They know about this project and will do their best to offer you a good price.


5 Hr from USA, 3 Hr flight time from Europe.




One of the most remote and unspoiled places of natural beauty in the world, Iceland will exceed your imagination. Volcanoes bubble, geysers gush and glaciers slowly slice their way through the craggy mountains. As you make your way across these vast and sparsely populated landscapes, you’ll feel a sense of awe at the power of nature.


  • Reykjavik is the northernmost city of any sovereign state on the globe.
  • This island nation produces more writers compared to population size than anywhere else in the world.
  • There are no mosquitos in Iceland.
  • According to the UN World Happiness Report, Iceland is the third happiest country in the world.
  • The Icelandic language has not changed much from ancient Norse. This means that 1,000 year old documents can be easily read.
  • Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans.
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You concentrate on enjoying the ride and we will take care of the rest. RideXPower was created in 2002 by Thomas Fasching, inspired by his deep passion for motorbiking. From the very beginning we have organised biking events all over the world, suitable for every type of rider.



We have a high quality fleet of over 60 rental bikes. Our bikes are mainly Huqvarna FE350 and TE300 latest models in best condition. We also have the services of an experienced mechanics team.



Our tour routes are specially chosen to give you the best possible experience and allow you to view the most stunning scenery. Tour groups are small and the service is unmatched.

We only choose off-road routes in the very best destinations, catering to travelers with an adventurous spirit. Safety is our priority and we never compromise on this matter.



Our experienced tour guides are passionate about what they do and work hard to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

On every tour you’ll have a tour manager who will take care of every detail, so that the tour runs without any problems.



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Be part of the adventure:


DAVDEV9 have created this beautiful Enduro Jersey and cap with the Project Iceland logo on it, which we will send to you when you confirm your booking. You can start wearing it right away to prepare yourself for your Iceland trip.

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